Avani Gilbert


OM at Cashew Hill


Mar 20 2019 - Mar 26 2019


$1,399 USD

Chakra Flow: Moving in Mindfulness & Mysticism with Caribe Yoga Academy

This vinyasa sequencing training takes you on a journey through the subtle body with the chakra system as the foundation. This is a 70 hour module of the advanced level certification through the Caribe Yoga Academy. The student must complete two other elective modules and the required module to finish their advanced level training.  Become a confident and creative story-teller through your sequencing.  This course offers lots of time for practice in sequence building as well as a deep study of the chakra system and practice of chakra balancing techniques.

•Old stories and how we trap (and release!) them

•Development of our Chakra Centers

•Getting to know your Energy Body

•Manifesting into True Potential

•Vinyasa Sequencing in Detail

•Breakthroughs vs. Breakdowns

•Pranayama for the Chakras

•Anatomy of the Chakras

•Chakra Meditation

• Mantra, affirmation & prayer for the Chakras

•Chakra Balancing Techniques

•Asana and Chakra relationship

•Chakra Specific & Chakra balanced classes

•Connecting to your Power Center, Your Voice and Your Foundation

•And more!

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