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I can’t believe it has almost been three weeks since I arrived at this incredible place named OM at Cashewhill, in the middle of the beautiful jungle.

I remember exactly all the different emotions and thoughts I had before arriving here:

Curiosity – hello adventure! …OM at Cashew Hill Yoga Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Happiness – I really did it! …

Nervousness – 9’350 kilometers away from home and alone …

A tiny bit of queasiness – how will the people be? And what about the place? What if…?

Well, that’s human nature: we get comfortable with routines. Everything new and unpredictable can be frightening sometimes, but sometimes you just have to do it without questioning so much, because sometimes reality is so much better than you ever imagined.

The OM at Cashew Hill Family is so amazing! They made me feel welcome from the very first second here in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. This place is so full of love, acceptance, happiness and peace.  Now, after only a few weeks, I can say whole-heartedly, it feels like hOMe, like family, like being at the right place.

Here nothing and nobody “has to be”, it just “is”, and we all just “are”… it’s AMAZING!

Living a simple life in and with nature, spending time with all the lovely OM’ies, sharing Yoga practice and selfcare, listening to the jungle sounds, smelling herbs, plants and rain, connecting with Mother Earth… I feel so alive!

I discovered a lot related to yoga: there isn’t just the practice of asanas, it’s about history and philosophy of the eastern world, it’s about selfcare, about sharing, being part of a commUNITY. Not to forget all the different yoga practices I discovered and began to love: Karuna Flow, Chakra Flow, Yin & MFR, Yin & Restore. I can’t talk about all of these now, so let me just tell you how it felt when I did Yin & MFR for the first time…

In Yin & MFR you go into deep stretches, search for trigger points, and hold the positions. To be honest… it was uncomfortable and I got to know parts of my body I didn’t know they even exist. So, first I felt just pain, but then the sensations changed: it was still uncomfortable, but in a more positive way. It felt like the tennis balls and blocks went deep into my muscle layers (more specifically, the fascia), and commanded my body to soften.

At the end of class, I felt newly born, deeply relaxed and much more connected with my body. It was a wonderful feeling and I will continue taking this class whenever I can.

Written by guest contributor: Stefanie

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