Five Yogic Principles for a Saintly Sensation

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Five Yogic Principles for a Saintly Sensation

You want to create ripples of happiness wherever you are? Want to be considered a ray of sunshine to all who gaze upon you? Are you getting trapped from your saintly goals by your stubborn human-ness?


Lucky for you, you can zipzap your way to Samadhi by using the ancient wisdom of the first five Living Principles of Yoga; the Yamas.


So maybe, just maybe, you handle the next long line at the bank or lunch with your loud-chewing friend with just a little more grace.


The Yamas

Principles of ethical behavior, the things to not do with the people around us. Aka keep it together, people.

  1. Ahimsa- Non-violence. No more stabbing people, okay? But seriously, this one is a sneaky one. The most pervasive violence we foster can be in our thoughts and it can apply to other people, the environment, and, most frequently, ourselves. Every negative thought separates the individual from their connection to others and pushes away Samadhi, which is really just the feeling of oneness.

  2. Satya- Truthfulness. Notice where you might be deceiving yourself and others to get some distance from those un-truths.

  3. Asteya- Non-stealing. Taking from others AND yourself; time, money, emotions, energy, routines, the next yoga pose. Taking things that are not yet yours, dissatisfaction with the moment.

  4. Brahmacharya- Non-Excess. Taking too much, eating too much, over-reacting, feeling extremely happy or extremely sad. Getting distracted from the calm and perfection that is always now.

  5. Aparigraha- Non-possessiveness, non-greed, non-grasping. Reaching for something in the future that is not yet yours. This could be a yoga pose, a relationship, money.


That’s it, you’re ready to be a living saint! Okay, not really, but they will help you conduct your relationships in a much more peaceful manner.

By guest contributor: Sophie Dalton

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