A Short History of OM

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Some of you may already know the history of OM, but we feel it’s worth sharing for those of you that don’t. Owner/Operator/Teacher, Avani Gilbert, fell madly in love with yoga while she was still living in the United States over fifteen years ago. Shortly after, she decided to become a certified instructor. With her knack for business, and her previous schooling and certifications in body work and massage, Avani decided to open a small business here in the Caribbean after visiting on vacation and feeling an instant connection to the area. And so in 2008 OM was officially born, originally offering only massage and energy work.

In 2009, things began to expand. A platform was built above what is now Caribeans Coffee and Chocolate Tasting Lounge, in Playa Cocles. Back then, the road passing out front of the studio wasn’t even paved, but as Puerto Viejo became a more popular tourist destination, the road was paved and the traffic increased. With all that street noise drifting up to the open air platform, it was time for OM to lovingly let go of its first home.

OM officially relocated, and now called Cashew Hill hOMe. The studio moved to its new location in November 2015, and lots of big changes have been happening since then. Cashew Hill is located just above the town of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, but remains a short, 5-minute walk to the center of town. Our partners at Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge are continually developing the site into a Yoga Retreat and Training Center beyond our wildest dreams, but we won’t ever stop offering public classes. We now have TWO yoga platforms, an on-site vegetarian restaurant, spa services and so much more!

Pop up for a class and claim your spot with a view! 😉  Visit our page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OMpuertoviejo/?fref=ts for the current schedule.

Stay tuned to this blog for updates!


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