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If you’ve ever been curious about the energy centers in the body known as the ‘chakras,’ our upcoming 7 workshop series Surrender to the Spirit Within will allow you the perfect opportunity to explore them. Beginning on Tuesday, January 26, 2016 our workshop series will commence, allowing its participants ample time to really dig into each chakra, their themes and relevance in our everyday lives.

For anyone unfamiliar with these important aspects of our bodies, the chakras are powerful energy centers that are vital to our emotional, physical and mental well-being. With some introspection and education, we can learn how to live our lives in balance with these centers, creating more harmony and fewer moments of dissonance.

The chakras stem from ancient Indian traditions, and have been studied in many different aspects over the years. Now, this information is available and accessible to anyone in the Puerto Viejo area over the course of the next 7 weeks. Your facilitator, Eva’s Dalak is a passionate leader who has studied and workshopped the chakras throughout her career working as a Conflict Transformation and Leadership Trainer.

Eva is Palestinian, born and raised in Israel, so she’s dealt with conflict resolution though unconventional mediums for most of her life. Eva has studied International Relations, International Administration and Spiritual Psychology, and prides herself on being a well rounded teacher that is both creative and adaptive. Eva has more than 17 years of field experience in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, working with organizations such as the UN, EU and other NGOs that were seeking to incorporate the principles of mediation and cooperative action into conflict zones. It’s these years of extensive education and experience that have allowed Eva to hone her own skills as she develops workshops that are playful, informative and inspirational.

This week’s focus will be the Root Chakra, with each session working its way up the body from there. With the Root Chakra, students will explore the theme word ‘trust,’ creating a base and grounding experience to carry with them into the future. From art therapy to movement, meditation and yoga, students can expect to experience a creative flow during the three hour session, providing the perfect canvas for self exploration.

Workshops are 14,000 CRC for a drop in, or 72,000 CRC for the full series. Contact eva.dalak@gmail.com or 8910-2541 for more information.


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