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Yoga In The Luscious Caribbean

OM at Cashew hill rests atop a quiet jungle hill with gorgeous ocean views from every angle. We invite you to come and enjoy the peace and tranquility of Yoga in nature with the Caribbean cultural experience of Puerto Viejo.

Yoga With a View – OM at Cashew Hill

Yoga With A View


Near To Nature

Permaculture Farm to Table – OM at Cashew Hill

Organic Farm Project

Regular Yoga Schedule

Listen To Your Heart. Whether you live in Puerto Viejo or you’re on vacation, our original yoga classes offer a variety of styles to satisfy the needs of every yogi.

  • "Working with OM at Cashew Hill was an absolute pleasure!  Avani was extremely helpful leading up to and during my retreat, paying attention to the smallest details to ensure my group had an amazing experience.  We enjoyed every minute of our stay, from the unrivaled ocean views during our yoga practices to the delicious farm-to-table meals, I couldn't have been happier.  We are heading into our second retreat with OM at Cashew Hill and I look forward to many more to come."

    Nicole Hudson
    Nicole Hudson Wanderfreely
  • I can not recommend OM at Cashew Hill enough. I just hosted my very first yoga retreat there, and we are already dreaming about going back as soon as we can. From the moment we started planning, they were extremely accommodating. I immediately felt taken care of and knew we had chosen the right place. I promise you are in the best of hands and they will help to make your adventure so incredibly special. I can not wait to go back to OM & the incredible town of Puerto Viejo.

    Nicole Kuro
    Nicole Kuro
  • "The staff here is very friendly and helpful. They literally go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of, with everything you need from the facilities, and get the experience you expect to have. The lodges offer a unique housing experience exposing you to the natural scene and environment around you while maintaining a "home-y" feel. The lodges are kept up daily by housekeeping which is awesome. The chefs on site are wildly unique and diverse in their meal preparation and make every meal you share with them special. The facility, as a whole, is in a great location as it is just blocks away from the restaurants and shops in town as well as the beach. Also, any attractions you may want to visit in the area are just a short shuttle ride away. It is truly a joyful experience all around from working with the staff and taking advantage of the stay!"

    Larry Thomas
    Larry Thomas Voyedge Rx  
  • "Words and pictures could never capture the beautiful and magical essence of Om at Cashew Hill. The staff was kind, warm, and accommodating, the houses were homey, the platform and jungle views -breathtaking. And the Food...the fooood! So yummy, healthy, nourishing and full of love. I highly recommend this place for trainings, booking retreats, and anything and everything Yoga."
    Bridget Lavin
    Bridget Lavin Lighthouse Yoga
  • "I have co-facilitated 2 retreats through OM and both have been absolutely wonderful experiences for myself and all the students that attended. I had no problem receiving information and assistance in planning numerous activities, the yoga space offered everything I could ask for in a sacred teaching space AND MORE! The grounds are peaceful and well kept and all the cabins have such relaxed charm. The staff is so knowledgable and accommodating. I can't say enough about the cafe and garden staff as they are so talented and passionate, its apparent in all the delicious meals they've cooked for us. I will continue to come back to OM to host retreats and can't wait to introduce more people to this community! Thank you for everything!"
    Lauren Slivosky
    Lauren Slivosky Yoga Retreat Facilitator
  • "Avani and the team down at OM at Cashew Hill are amazing! There aren't enough words to describe how amazing each and every person down here is. Do yourself a favor and go explore this little slice of paradise down in Puerto Viejo."

    Cam King
    Cam King Crossfit retreat facilitator

A Unique Retreat Destination

Your retreat is one of a kind… And we treat it that way! Surrounded by the sounds of the jungle, you’ll watch the ocean waves roll in as you find serenity and open your heart to the world around you. Our Yoga retreat center truly is one of a kind!

We’ve been hosting Yoga retreats at Cashew Hill for years now – and can send you all relevant information for beginning your journey as a group guide to Costa Rica’s South Caribbean.

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Organic Farm Project

Food is medicine… Or so the old saying goes! While onsite at OM at Cashew Hill, your group will nourish their bodies with the freshest fruits, vegetables, spices, juices and other delicious food that Costa Rica has to offer… often straight from our gardens!

Our on-site organic farm and garden allows us to learn where our food comes from and taste true farm-to-table abundance. It’s just one of the many ways we like to help our guests get off of their mats and into the world!

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A Home for Your Retreat.

Near to Nature

Come be Near to Nature! From windowless ocean views to patios opening up to the sprawling jungle valley, everything about our accommodations is designed to help your group feel in harmony with the nature that surrounds us.

Because of our closeness to mother earth, we seek to minimize our impact in everything we do. It’s a sweet blend of sacred and contained space coupled with the opportunity for cultural and environmental exposure. What are you waiting for?!

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Sacred Geometry And Alchemy Symbol Sri Yantra

Explore This Incredible Retreat Location

Click on the photo galleries below to explore more of what Puerto Viejo and Cashew Hill have to offer!

The Hidden Gem of The South Caribbean!

The Hidden Gem of The South Caribbean!

Puerto Viejo & Local Wildlife

We’ve Hosted Retreats, Teacher Trainings & More

We’ve Hosted Retreats, Teacher Trainings & More

Past Retreats & Trainings

Take a Tour of Our Retreat Center

Take a Tour of Our Retreat Center

OM at Cashew Hill

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re interested in hosting an experience at our sanctuary, please contact us! You will have access to our one-of-a-kind ocean view Maha Shala; fully equipped with mats, blocks, blankets, straps and bolsters. We’ll send you all relevant information so you can  get your journey started!

Email for more info TODAY!

Want to Continue Learning More?

We’ve got some amazing guides to help you get started planning your next adventure! Whether it’s a week-long yoga retreat, teacher training or something else entirely we’ve got some helpful guides to help you put together an amazing experience here on the Caribbean coast.

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And your guides are likely trying to tell you so. Imagine what it would feel like if things just “clicked,” you served a sacred purpose and you enjoyed the hard work of it!? This is the beauty of aligning with Dharma.

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How Yoga Changed My Life


A collection of stories from real yogis just like me and you on how Yoga has changed their life.

This helpful resource is a great place to get inspiration and renew your daily practice. Feel free to download and share with your friends, fellow yogis, clients and prospective retreat attendees!

Want to Attend an Upcoming Retreat?

Looking for an adventure? You’ve come to the right place. Check out our list of upcoming retreats that are being hosted by either OM or other Group Leaders. We’re updating this regularly so be sure to check back!

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